Trash Panic

Fat Princess out in June

PS3 Ghostbusters demo post-E3.

Sony has announced via the European PlayStation blog that gluttonous PSN game Fat Princess will be out in late June. Crumbs!

Sony reveals Trash Panic for PSN

Tetris-like waste disposal puzzler.

Sony has given the green light to rubbish disposal PSN puzzle game Trash Panic, which will be out later this spring (sometime between April and the end of June, we suppose).

Trash Panic

Trash Panic

Not rubbish.

(Available in Japan as Gomibako (reviewed) and in Europe as Trash Panic.)

Rubbish is a serious business here in Japan. Every week I have to separate my empty plastic bottles from their very wrappers and caps, because they're not to be thrown out together - and that's before I sort my plastic from glass, glass from metal, food waste from non-food waste, and flicked-through copies of Famitsu from everything else (because paper has to go out unaccompanied, on Thursdays). And no, I can't just sneakily put everything out together: What would the neighbours think? How long would the friendly concierge remain friendly? Besides, the city council generously supplies its citizens with a 40-page pamphlet that explains in unnecessary detail every possible rubbish-related faux pas. I can have no excuses.

Gomibako (literally 'rubbish bin') takes its eco-massaging almost as seriously as Real Japan does, only in different ways - and with a trimmed instruction manual that spans just 21 static screens, thanks. The basic principles here are: 1) Do not dispose of stuff that you really should keep. 2) Crush or otherwise destroy everything you do throw out until it's a fine puree, in order to save bin space. 3) Do not let your bin overflow.

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