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Painkiller dev reveals Dreamkiller

Psychiatric shooter for PC, 360.

Aspyr Media has unveiled PC and Xbox 360 first-person shooter Dreamkiller.

Due this autumn, the game will be made by Czech studio Mindware, which also made Painkiller: Overdose.

Dreamkiller sounds interesting. Psychiatrist Alice Drake is the heroine, and she can enter the "dark and twisted nightmare" world imagined by her patients. Once there, she finds a hectic "mega-bloodbath", which she'll need her bonkers arsenal and supernatural powers to overcome. All in the name of the patient's mental health, of course.

The first screenshots show a mini-gun and flamethrower of intricate, steampunk design, as well as enemies wearing straitjackets and giant bear-trap masks. There are savage hounds with robotic legs and a requisite spider-human monstrosity, too.

We're promised 12 unique and varying levels, plus "numerous" multiplayer modes.