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E3: New Metal Gear confirmed for 360

Kojima burns down the rumour mill.

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Hideo Kojima has popped up on the Microsoft E3 conference stage, totally "honoured" to be there "at last", to unveil Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Kojima didn't say whether the game would appear on more than one system, or when it will be released. In a press release after the conference, Konami made no mention of a PS3 version, and a spokesperson wouldn't comment.

Kojima did say, however, that there will be no Solid Snake. Instead, players will control cyborg Raiden, sneaking around in the moody fields teased on Kojima Productions' website over the last few weeks.

Work is already under way on the game, and we're expecting to hear more on it later in the week - with Konami's press conference at 3pm PST / 11pm BST on Wednesday.

"We can finally say our platform is complete," was Xbox boss Don Mattrick's verdict.

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