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Tekken 6 gets October US release

Europe, Japan and Asia soon after.

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Namco Bandai has announced an October 27th release for Tekken 6 in North America, promising it will appear in Europe, Japan and Asia "shortly thereafter".

That date applies to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. There will also be a PSP version, but the press release doesn't give it a more precise release date than the autumn.

Namco also revealed that it would be selling the game bundled with a wireless Hori arcade stick and an art book for USD 149.99, but there's no word on whether this deal will make it to Europe.

Tekken 6 has been in Japanese arcades since late 2007, but arrives on consoles - including, for the first time, Xbox - with an all-new Scenario Campaign beat-'em-up mode for solo and co-op play.

More at the Tekken 6 gamepage.

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