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Trials HD takes series to "next dimension"

XBLA date narrowed to late July.

RedLynx creative director Antti Ilvessuo reckons Trials HD will take the stunt-bike series to "the next dimension" when released on Xbox Live Arcade towards the end of July.

"The exact launch date of Trials HD hasn't been set but, being part of Summer of Arcade, it will be between mid-July and August," Ilvessuo told Eurogamer. "The price has not been set, either, but will follow the pricing of other [XBLA] games.

"But Trials HD is a really big package! Compared to Trials 2, everything has been taken to next dimension. There's a completely new game mode (skill games) and a level editor for creating and sharing tracks, which is exactly the same level editor we used - so we expect fantastic tracks to be created by players!"

Trials HD will also be nicer to newcomers. Ilvessuo explained that there will be an assortment of forgiving beginner bikes to choose from, and a selection of quick-play, beginner tracks to ride them on.

Conversely, those familiar with Trials - "the really skilled players" - will be given plenty of hardcore and infernal (the top tier) tracks, according to Ilvessuo - plus an array of bikes to master.

In addition, Trials HD has mini-games; "really wild", "crazy" and "over-the-top" mini-games, said Ilvessuo. "For example, one mini-game you have to haul a huge bomb as far as you can in one minute. Get hit too many times and bang!" he cackled.

The all-important scoreboards have become more all-important as well. Trials HD displays friends' times during the particular courses, so riders can see them as they leap through tires, up walls and through the air. Ilvessuo reckons this innovation ups the already intense competition even further.

"When this feature was implemented, all of us started hunting each other's Gamertags and it was a totally different and very competitive game after that," he said.

Trials HD will offer a trial version for those unsure, and one day might even span WiiWare and PlayStation Network.

"Let's see what the future brings," Ilvessuo added, "but we're very happy with Xbox 360 at the moment."

And, while RedLynx made its name through the success of Trials, Ilvessuo was keen to point out that the studio has plenty of ideas for other game styles.

"We have cool ideas and ambitious people. Let's hope we can create game that people want to play," he said.

RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition launched last year and finished highly (at 21) in our top 50 games of 2008 list. Our RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition review tells all.

Alternatively, head to the RedLynx Trials 2 website to try it for yourself.

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