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Glossy black Wii for Japan soon

And red DSi. Both this summer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has announced a red DSi and glossy black Wii for Japan. They'll go on sale in July and August, respectively.

Black was but one of the colour schemes depicted when Wii (once known as Revolution) was announced, as green, red and silver all provided variation. Yet only white has travelled to retail.

Dubbed KURO Wii, the black unit (plus peripherals) will sell from 1st August for JPY 25,000 (GBP 158), according to Kotaku's translation of the Japanese statement. That's the same price the white unit launched at.

The Red DSi sells from 11th July for JPY 18,900 (GBP 126), which is the same price as the white DSi.

There's no word on these for the US or Europe.

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