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Tecmo unveils Undead Knights for PSP

Overlord-like zombie-raising action.

Tecmo has whipped the wrappers off PSP action game Undead Knights, which is set to launch this autumn.

Undead Knights casts players as evil heroes Romulus, Remus and his wife Silvia who each makes a pact with a demon to be resurrected after being murdered for speaking out against the Queen.

Not only are they walking and talking again, but they've been granted the power to resurrect their own army of 10 zombies from fallen enemies - even boss characters - to do their bidding. They can be clumped together to form ladders or bridges, or thrown at larger enemies to cling-on and weigh them down.

Romulus, Remus and Silvia are no slouches in battle themselves and are played interchangeably as the campaign unfolds in typical third-person hack-and-slash style.

Ad-hoc multiplayer for four friends will be supported and feature a variety of modes including zombie tossing deathmatch, which sounds novel.

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