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E3: Gran Turismo PSP in October

Demoed and dated in Sony conference.

Gran Turismo PSP has finally got a street date: 1st October 2009. No specific regional dates were given.

Confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi on stage during Sony's E3 presentation, the PSP title was shown to be working on the new PSP Go, although it will be available on UMD as well.

It was stressed that the title will be a full Gran Turismo game, not stripped down in any fashion. Featuring 800 cars, and 60 layout variations of 35 tracks, the game is said to pelt along at a very healthy 60fps.

Single-player will feature racing and time trial modes, with multiplayer taking the form of ad-hoc wireless for up to four people.

Getting together with friends need not only be a competitive experience, however, as a system for trading the plethora of vehicles has also been implemented. Trading and sharing of cars was mentioned, although it wasn't made clear whether "sharing" will be on a temporary of permanent basis.

The sharing is designed to enable the completion of car collections, a rather foreboding task played solo. It also adds more grist to the ad-hoc mill for the PSP, furthering Sony's aims to introduce the Japanese social gaming culture to the West - a burden currently weighing quite heavily on Monster Hunter's shoulders.