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Puzzle Quest dev doing new game

It's coming to DS, PC and Wii.

Puzzle Quest developer Infinite Interactive is working on a new game called Puzzle Kingdoms for DS, PC and Wii.

Kingdoms, as the name suggests, revolves around conquering territories and expanding an empire, a bit like a Total War game. You'll amass armies and pit them against opposing forces in typical Puzzle Quest Bejeweled-style battles. Kingdoms will be subtly different, but the basic ideas are the same: outthink the enemy to deal damage, or build up mana to unleash special attacks.

Heroes can be picked from a variety of races, including trolls and dwarves, and more powerful troops and spells can be unlocked as the game unfolds.

Publisher Zushi will release Puzzle Kingdoms sometime this year, and you can sneak a peek at the Wii and DS versions of in our appropriate galleries.

Alternatively, pop into any of our Puzzle Quest gamepages to see what all the fuss is about.

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Puzzle Kingdoms

Nintendo Wii, PC, Nintendo DS

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