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Dead or Alive creator slags off Bayonetta

But reckons Natal is "completely awesome".

Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of the Dead or Alive series, has taken a pop at rival Hideki Kamiya and his new game, Bayonetta.

"If I made a similar game as a game I made in the company I quit, people would say, "What an idiot, can't he make anything else?" Well, that is more or less the opinion I have for, uh, that Bayo-something game," Itagaki told 1UP.

Bayonetta, you may recall, stars a sexy lady who beats people up with her hair. And shoes. "Covered in hair, is she?" said Itagaki. "I dunno, Mr. Kamiya must have a lot going through his head. Well, in any case, I would first recommend laser eye surgery. I'm sure he's not that strapped for cash, right?"

Itagaki had kinder words to say about Project Natal, which he got to try out at E3 and described as "completely awesome".

"It's an absolutely revolutionary device that increases the freedom of game design by like, a hundred, or maybe more like a thousand times," he said.

"I got to play with it, and I can tell you it will definitely lead to some great games. It has no latency in motion recognition, so I'm convinced that the guys behind that tech are complete geniuses."

But what about Itagaki's next project? Will it feature tits, arse and Aerosmith, like his other greatest hits?

"Although I could argue, 'What's wrong with women being sexy!' I have to admit I've gotten pretty tired of that. A lot of people are making those recently. I'll gladly let them take over for me," he joshed.

"I have to apologise to my fans, but since I won't be making Dead or Alive games I won't be using Aerosmith's music anymore. I want to send the deepest gratitude to Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. The power I needed to make DOA came from Aerosmith and the movie Armageddon."

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