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Microsoft touts "amazing" XBLA summer

Shadow Complex could be "biggest ever".

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Xbox Live boss Marc Whitten reckons XBLA title Shadow Complex can be as good, if not better, than Braid when it's released this summer.

"I actually think it's going to be an amazing year for the Summer of Arcade," he told "And the truth of the matter is that at the time we were talking about it last year, everybody didn't know whether Braid was going to be as good as it was.

"I think those games [for 2009] are amazing. Shadow Complex will be one of the biggest games ever. I don't mean biggest in size, but biggest in terms of quality, depth, story, that we've ever seen.

"Marvel vs. Capcom is another one a lot of people have been asking about. So I'm actually really excited about that line-up," he added.

Shadow Complex will made by Epic's internal studio Chair (of Undertow fame) and was announced during Microsoft's E3 keynote address. The first trailer shows a 2D side-scrolling platform game interspersed with third-person turret shooting and cinematic cut-scenes. It looks strong.

Joining Shadow Complex this summer will be Marvel vs. Capcom 2, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Trials HD, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-shelled and 'Splosion Man.

That's not bad.

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