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Free Realms to break 4m users soon

This week, says creative director.

Free Realms creative director Laralyn McWilliams expects the kids' MMO to reach the 4 million-user mark this week, as teens and tweens flock to the cartoon world that launched in April.

Speaking to Eurogamer Germany at the SOE Fan Faire, McWilliams said those numbers should keep rising as the company creates content like Soccerstar, a mini-game that has power-ups and a new job, and will be available next summer.

Since launch, Free Realms has received story quests, guild features and ghost pets.

Free Realms players will soon even be able to make a Trading Card out of their character. You need only send Sony Online Entertainment a picture of your character and, a few weeks later, a card with an exclusive code from the game will arrive on your doorstep.

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