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EA boss: Motion could take half the market

Reckons he introduced Sony to wand.

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EA boss John Riccitiello reckons that the videogame market may end up split down the middle between motion-control games and those played with a pad.

"My guess is that where this ends up is: motion controllers end up with half the market. And the other half still ends up with a more traditional game controller," he told Kotaku.

It will probably all come down to which sort of games are a good fit, he said.

"I could make an argument that fitness will do really well for Natal," he noted. "I could make an argument that 3D movement in space looks like it might be best done on the new Sony system."

Things like cover systems would only work in moderation though, he reckons, "because it'd be like doing 700 squats", while he doesn't think it's a good fit for FIFA because "a 75-minute session would be frigging tiring, jumping all over the place".

EA had even looked at the technologies that both Microsoft and Sony presented at E3 last week, Riccitiello said. "I've been playing with that and it is cool. And we saw that two years ago," he said of the Sony wand. "In fact, I think we introduced Sony to it."

As for Natal, "We almost invested to create a platform extension like that for some of the games we're working on." He said they looked at "the camera system they ended up going with", but he doesn't regret passing it up. "They can leverage it better, and we can build software."

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