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E3: Kojima tease now suggests new IP

Countdown ends tonight, 11pm UK time.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Kojima Productions has revealed a new teaser site that features the statuesque and patterned face of a woman that is overlaid with a swirly motif.

The only clues are given by the "mask" URL and mentions of "Hideo Kojima" and "game" in the page source code. Ethereal orchestral music plays in the background, interspersed by the lapping sound of waves.

This is the first evidence of a new game not related to Metal Gear Solid to emerge from the "next" countdown teaser site, which comes to an end tonight at 11pm UK time. That's a few hours after the Microsoft E3 keynote, which may be of significance.

So far we've seen the face of Big Boss on the teaser site, plus various letters flashing up which point to E3. But this could simply be the Metal Gear Solid PSP game that Sony accidentally outed ahead of time over the weekend.

Kojima has long promised to unveil his new game at E3 and continues to tell us he is moving away from Metal Gear, which his younger team will take care of. But then he always says that. We'll know for sure this evening, we hope.

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