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Big Boss appears on Kojima's teaser site

Can this be anything other than a new MGS?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Kojima Productions teaser page has been steadily changing over the past two weeks, and now almost certainly points towards another Metal Gear Solid game.

Letters, numbers and now the face of Big Boss flash up on the countdown site. This depicted a moody sky above a green field two weeks ago. The scene now is mid-storm, with pouring rain and thunder and lightning.

The order we saw the letters and numbers is thus: "R", "P", "S or 5", "E", "e" and then the face of Big Boss. Snake, remember, turns out to be his... Oh no spoilers please thank you.

Those letters could, of course, mean E3 and 5 as in a fifth game. Clearly the "R" and "P" stand for Robert Purchese.

There's still 110 hours on the clock, which equates to four-and-a-half days. That puts the end clearly in sight of E3 next week, and we'll be there to report what happens.

That's Big Boss. He's a dead ringer for Solid Snake.

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