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Kojima Productions teases "Next" game

Is MGS going to be set in a field?

Kojima Productions has created a teaser page for its "Next" project ahead of the planned 18th May reveal.

The placeholder depicts an overgrown grassy field flanked by barely-leaved trees. A brooding sky filled with pinky-grey clouds rolls across the top of the picture. It's similar to the image published in Famitsu earlier this week.

"Hideo Kojima", "MGS", "Metal Gear" and "Next" are all mentioned in the source code for the page.

And Hideo Kojima has already said development is under way on another another Metal Gear Solid game called "The Next MGS".

He's promised to show us his new game at E3, although this may be something completely different.

We're about to find out, it seems.

A very English summer.