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Live Battlefield 1943 Q&A on Thursday

DICE to entice to XBLA/PSN shooter.

EA DICE bigwigs Patrick Liu and Gordon Van Dyke will answer your Battlefield 1943 questions live on Eurogamer this week.

Lift-off is this Thursday, 18th June, at 4pm BST (UK time).

Questions can be submitted to the DICE chaps through a moderator, and their answers will appear promptly on the same page. We'll pop a placeholder article up an hour before lift-off to stockpile some questions.

So, what will you ask? Battlefield 1943 is a more accessible re-imagining of Battlefield 1942, and due for release this summer on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, with a PC version to follow. And remember, BF1942 is where the series - and arguably the reputation of DICE - began.

Seven years on, DICE is underpinning Battlefield 1943 with the latest technology to present a stylised, clutter-free Pacific theatre. Three maps - with a possible fourth - and three classes are on offer, ensuring the learning curve is comfortable.

For around a tenner - 1200 MSP (GBP 10.20 / EUR 14.40) on XBLA, USD 15 on PSN - DICE hopes to attract as many old and new fans as possible.

Head over to our hands-on impressions of Battlefield 1943 to find out more. Alternatively, our Battlefield 1943 gamepage has screenshots and videos. Pictures are brilliant.