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Tropico is coming to Xbox 360

Political island sim in September.

Kalypso Media has announced an Xbox 360 version of Tropico 3, the tropical island settlement-series we gave 9/10 to, six years ago. You might remember it.

This third instalment will get a PC version, too, and arrive this September.

Tropico 3 will have notable differences to the rest of the series, however. Markedly, the appointment of new developer Haemimont Games, which lives in Bulgaria. Original team PopTop was consolidated into Sid Meier's Firaxis Games in 2006.

Taking place on the island of Tropico in the Caribbean, Tropico 3 casts you as El Presidente - a title earned through dubious means. Where the island goes from there, you decide. A dictatorial militant state? No problem. A prosperous industrial nation? Fine.

Head over to the Tropico 3 website for pictures and related information.