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Tropico 3 expansion on the way

Absolute Power, out in May.

Kalypso has announced an expansion pack for the PC version of its jolly banana republic city-builder, Tropico 3.

The expansion's out in May, costs £19.99 (or $19.99) and is titled Tropico 3: Absolute Power.

The star attraction is naturally a new campaign featuring 10 missions on a new map, with 10 islands also available in sandbox mode.

You also get six new buildings, 10 Megalomania edicts (including the ability to declare an annual festival of yourself), huge new landmark decorations, a new faction of die-hard Loyalists, disasters relating to low standing with loyalists, costumes, cosmetic upgrades for your palace and more.

There are new radio announcements too, but there's nothing in the press release about whether the excellent salsa soundtrack is also being extended.

Tropico 3 came out late last year and we liked it rather a lot on PC and only slightly less on Xbox 360. There's no word on a 360 version of the Absolute Power expansion.

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Tropico 3

Xbox 360, PC

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