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Tropico 3 demo on Xbox Live

Sets a strong president.

Kalypso Media has popped a Tropico 3 demo on Xbox Live Marketplace. Gold members have access today but Silver members need to wait until Wednesday 25th November.

The sampler guides you through the tutorial and then offers one of two missions. The first is called Bananas and revolves around exploiting your new land and people to grow and export the fruit. The second mission, Second Chance, follows you onto a new island after your twin overthrows your government and drives you out. With only rich iron ore deposits to exploit, your new home looks, on the surface, rubbish.

The Tropico 3 demo weighs 1GB and can be queued for download on the Xbox website.

Tropico 3 has been released on PC and Xbox 360 already. We reviewed the PC version and slapped 8/10 on the end. Worthy of consideration, as the accompanying text points out.

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