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Kalypso clarifies Tropico 3 XBL content

Users cannot share on console.

Update: Publisher Kalypso has told Eurogamer that Tropico 3 on Xbox 360 will not allow users to share content over Xbox Live.

Instead, developer Haemimont Games will select the best examples of homemade content on PC (made using the Challenge Editor) and package the content as DLC for console.

Note that this will be free on Xbox 360, as all content will be distributed inside the game and not over Xbox Live Marketplace.

Kalypso is investigating a date for the first batch of DLC.

Original story: Political simulator Tropico 3 will be one of only a handful of Xbox 360 games that allows user-generated content to be shared over Live.

Publisher Kalypso hasn't offered any explanation of how or when or for how much, according to Electronic Theatre.

Other sharers of note are Trials HD and Forza Motorsport 3. Nevertheless, most developers appear to be put off such features by Xbox Live's inherent certification process, which involves more hoops than on PC, where modders are rife.

Tropico 3 will be released on PC and Xbox 360 tomorrow. Look out for our thoughts soon.