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US retailers price DJ Hero, Band Hero

No word on official figures.

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US retailers have been busy stamping prices on upcoming music games DJ Hero and Band Hero.

Amazon and GameStop reckon DJ Hero plus turntable peripheral will cost USD 120, which translates to GBP 73. The PS2 version is listed for USD 99 (61 Queenbucks). Old Guitar Hero plus guitar bundles routinely cost 70 quid, so that sounds about right.

A full Band Hero bundle - guitar, drums, microphone - will cost USD 200 (GBP 122), according to the retailers (scouted by GameSpot). has also had a stab and prices the Band Hero Band Bundle at GBP 149.99 on PS2 and Wii.

PS3 and 360 sets could be more expensive. Full Guitar Hero: World Tour instrument bundles carry an SRP of GBP 179.99, although most retailers knock a chunk off that.

DJ Hero, Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5 all release this autumn on PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Whether GH5 will feature new-style peripherals is unknown.

Check out our DJ Hero preview from E3 to find out more.

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