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Microsoft sources play down reports of new Xbox in 2010

"No new console necessary" for Natal.

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Sources close to Microsoft have downplayed 1UP's report that a new Xbox console will launch in autumn 2010.

Aaron Greenberg, director of product management, told Eurogamer: "I think part of the excitement about this announcement is that in many ways we are delivering a next generation experience this generation. With that said, I can confirm that Natal will run on Xbox 360 so no new console investment will be necessary."

Another senior Microsoft source familiar with Project Natal said: "Don't believe nonsense on the internet is all I'll say. We'll do the right thing for Natal."

On Friday 1UP reported that a new Xbox console would launch in autumn 2010 with slightly improved hardware and backwards compatibility with Xbox 360.

Rich Leadbetter, editor of Eurogamer's Digital Foundry channel, also casts doubt on the prospect of an autumn 2010 launch for a new console.

"The fact is that an enhanced Xbox 360 is rather unlikely simply because the tech requires none of the console's processing might to sift through the data acquired by the 3D camera," he wrote.

"All of the really clever stuff that Natal does is carried out onboard [the camera device], with the data then streamed across to the 360 via USB. If, as the 1UP report suggests, the 360 update is only offering a minimal amount of extra power, then the question surely must be, what's the point of that?"

Yesterday, TeamXbox also weighed in, claiming that Microsoft's next new console would not launch in 2010 because it would feature built-in Natal technology and "full HD stereoscopic 3D visuals", which would rely on new televisions.

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