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E3: PSP development made cheaper

Hopes it will inspire more studios.

Sony America boss Jack Tretton has announced that the company is cutting the cost of development on PSP by "80 per cent".

That means interested developers will be able to pick up development tool models DTP-T2000A and DTP-T2000 for EUR 1200 / USD 1500 rather than four bazillion smackeroons. Testing tools DTP-H2500A and DTPH2500 will also drop to EUR 800 / USD 1000.

"By offering PSP Development Tools at a very attractive price, SCE will provide a more affordable game development environment for a broader range of developers and publishers, further enhancing the software line-up for the PSP system," the company said in a press release.

That's certainly what they want to do, especially now that Sony plans to drag the handheld into the "digital era" with PSPgo - the EUR 250 slide-screen machine due out in 1st October, which uses digital distribution exclusively - even though future PSP games will also be released on UMD in most cases.