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LEGO Indiana Jones 2 announced

Out this autumn, with level builder.

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LucasArts has announced LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

It's due out for DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360 this autumn, with Traveller's Tales wielding the whip.

As you might imagine, in addition to bits from the original three films, the second LEGO Indy in as many years takes in the fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

But it goes further than that, according to LucasArts' Kellam Eanes, who told IGN that it introduces user-generated content.

There's a new level builder for creating your own tombs and challenges and a character-creator.

You can also perform new whip moves as Indy, grabbing enemies to drag them towards you and throwing them over your shoulder.

It's hard to tell whether that will be enough to build on last year's solid LEGO Indy debut, but the kids will no doubt lap it up.

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