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E3: Buzz! Quiz World for PS3 and PSP

Host keeps a file on you...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has announced plans to release Buzz! Quiz World for PS3 and PSP "later this year" in PAL territories.

The new PS3 release allows you to build a personal player profile, which tracks how you're doing "not through a leaderboard but through the words of Buzz himself".

Yes, Jason Donavon will address you by name and keep notes especially for you, quipping about you as you play.

There are also 5000 brand new questions, new character models, new rounds "including a highly messy gunge tank round" and other new game modes.

Those of you who like sofa-versus-sofa play over PlayStation Network will also enjoy the eight-player match-ups, we expect.

Meanwhile, the matching PSP version has 4500 questions (and can download additional packs from the internet), and includes an improved Pass Around mode for six players.

Check out our Buzz! Quiz World screenshot gallery to see what it looks like. (It looks like Buzz.)

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