Buzz! Quiz World

Buzz! maker Relentless' three-and-a-half new games

Plus: Microsoft needs to get gamers on board with Kinect.

Buzz! inventor Relentless Software is making three-and-a-half new games, co-founder Andrew Eades told me this afternoon - including a new game in the successful Blue Toad murder mystery series.

Buzz PS3: What went wrong

Relentless tells its side of the story.

For Relentless Software, the book has all but closed on Buzz! - a quiz series voiced by Jason Donovan and recognised by its bespoke four-button controllers. What Sony poured champagne over during the glory days of PS2 simply failed to bubble on PS3.

Buzz! patched with Facebook support

Relentless Software has announced the release of a patch for Buzz!: Quiz World that adds in-game Facebook publishing features.

The patch should be live now and allows players to publish info about what they've just done in the game once a session is finished.

You can see example screenshots of how this works over on the PlayStation Blog.

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Buzz!: Quiz World

Buzz!: Quiz World

Question time.

First, the good news: Buzz! is back! A new instalment in the hit series of quiz games has been released just in time for Christmas. It features 5000 new questions, three more round types and three new characters. There has been a host of minor technical improvements which enhance the overall experience to a significant degree.

Now, the bad news: Buzz is back. The eponymous quiz show host is as bouncy, bolshy and full of irritating wisecracks as ever. Once again it will be just minutes before you want to grab him by his silly hair, yank the top of his giant head as far back as it will go, stuff your Buzz! controller into his gaping maw, push it so far down his gullet the flashing red button pops out the other end, stab the sharpened end of a tree branch into each buttock and call him Rudolph. Or perhaps that's just me.

So putting Buzz to one side for now, let's start with those round types. Buzz!: Quiz World features old favourites such as Fastest Finger, Pass the Bomb and Final Countdown but now there are extras like Over the Edge, where every question you get wrong tips you closer to a giant gunge tank. In On the Spot you get to bet your opponents' points on how likely they are to get questions right, which is a good twist.

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Buzz! Quiz World available now

Over 5000 new questions promised.

New PS3 title Buzz! Quiz World is out now, Sony has informed us. (UPDATE: This story previously said it would be released on 10th November, but that's the US release date - the game is already available in shops in Europe. Apologies for the error.)