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Buzz! Quiz World available now

Over 5000 new questions promised.

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New PS3 title Buzz! Quiz World is out now, Sony has informed us. (UPDATE: This story previously said it would be released on 10th November, but that's the US release date - the game is already available in shops in Europe. Apologies for the error.)

The new instalment in the popular quiz series stars host Buzz once again. There are new customisation options for selecting your favourite round types and quizzes, plus over 5000 new questions. You can also access user-generated quizzes via MyBuzz and download quiz packs. Any packs you've already bought for QuizTV will work with Quiz World.

Extra rounds include Over the Edge, where contestants who get answers wrong are turfed into a pit of goo. The Sofa vs. Sofa mode has been expanded to work with eight players.

The PSP version of Buzz! Quiz World is still in development, but there's no word on a release date yet.

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