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Battlefield Heroes finally goes live

Web-based and free! Tally ho!

EA has finally launched Battlefield Heroes, the free-to-play, ad-supported, cartoon online shooter.

The charismatic creation missed a 2008 launch, but has been out in open beta form for some time.

DICE designed Battlefield Heroes to be accessible to anyone, opting for cartoon visuals that can scale well on most old hardware. The game client is small and runs through the EA online website, where adverts fund the operation.

Furthermore, DICE decided to use an MMO-style hotbar of abilities to slow combat down a little, adding levels for us to chip away at over time.

Nevertheless, the Battlefield flavour remains, albeit in pantomime fashion, as moustached veterans clamber aboard biplane wings and pummel or pounce on enemies from there. Decking your hero out using a wardrobe fit for theatre is very entertaining.

Battlefield Heroes is clearly worth a look.