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Sony reveals SingStar: Take That

Come! Come! Come into my arms.

Sony has announced SingStar: Take That for release on PS3 and PS2 later this year.

There's also going to be a Take That SongPack on the SingStore later this summer to celebrate. It's got five songs from the big version.

SingStar: Take That follows the boys from string-topped urchins to winter-coated men, stuffing in songs like Could it be Magic, Back For Good, Never Forget and Shine.

But who will you be? Boss-eyed Barlow? Mark? Robbie? The other two?

So far we've seen SingStar: Queen and SingStar: ABBA released. SingStar: Motown was announced at E3, and we're getting extra online community features this September.

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SingStar: Take That

PS3, PS2

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