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E3: Bungie working on Halo: Reach?

Rumoured autumn 2010 release.

Not content with Halo 3: ODST, Bungie is rumoured to be working on a second new project called Halo: Reach, due for release next autumn.

Kotaku has a screengrab of a forum menu entry for "Halo: Reach" that supposedly went live before it was meant to do so.

That alone doesn't amount to much, but the site's tipster also promised an autumn 2010 release.

Bungie has simply said "See you on Monday" in reference to its E3 plans, but we wouldn't be surprised to see ODST and other Bungie work later today - if only to help make up for last year's shambles.

The developer has already revealed that Tricia Helfer plays a character called Dare in ODST, as well as a character called hope in our hearts.