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Bungie president "certainly didn't agree" with decision to postpone Halo E3 reveal

"It is not a laughing matter."

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bungie president Harold Ryan has denied "laughing" when Xbox boss Don Mattrick told him that the studio's latest Halo product would not be shown at E3.

"Keeping things clean, I certainly didn't agree with the decision to delay our news until sometime after E3," Ryan told Eurogamer today.

"Bungie is always concerned first and foremost with our fans. Whenever we are prevented from exceeding their positive expectations it is not a laughing matter."

Mattrick, who is in charge of the Xbox 360 business at Microsoft, told Eurogamer during E3 that Ryan "just laughed and he said, 'Boy, just a sign of growth inside the business, we agree'."

Mattrick went on to say that the new Halo product would be unveiled at a separate event "another time of the year" that would "create an opportunity where people can interact with it".

Neither Microsoft or Bungie has released further details on the new Halo product.

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