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PSPgo battery "equivalent" to old ones

App Store-style service also reported.

Sony has said that the PSPgo battery will allow you to play games and watch films for roughly the same amount of time as the models currently on the market.

"We have adopted an embedded battery to realise a smaller and lighter PSP system. The battery life is equivalent with the current models meaning approximately 3 to 6 hours for gameplays and approximately 3 to 5 hours for playing back videos," product manager Adam Grant wrote on the European PlayStation blog.

Elsewhere, Destructoid reports that Sony is gearing up to launch a section of the PlayStation Store similar to the iTunes App Store, stocked with small and cheap "non-retail" games and applications.

The new store, which Destructoid said will be announced at the gamescom show in Cologne in August, will limit file sizes to 100MB, with pricing said to be between two and six dollars for the US market. The report cited "sources close to game development", and Sony hasn't officially responded.

PSPgo was leaked prior to and then announced at E3, and sports a slide-screen design, 16GB of internal memory and no UMD drive. It will cost EUR 249 / USD 249 when it launches in Europe and the US on 1st October.