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ChampMan 2010 heads to September

Eidos unveils CM Season Live feature.

Eidos has announced that Championship Manager 2010 will be out on PC this September.

The game, which has been in development for over two years, will have a brand new feature called CM Season Live. Every four weeks for six months, this imports real-life 09/10 football season data for ten leading countries in Europe.

This will be a premium and optional extra. Beautiful Game predicts a cost of around five quid for all six updates, although an exact price has yet to be determined.

Data imported will cover scores, standings, transfers, statistics, bookings, suspensions, injuries and more. The CM Seasons Live will begin on 15th October.

Beautiful Game Studios still plans a February update to cover the January transfer window, when we get there, but is not sure how this will be offered.

Championship Manager 2010 aims to close the gap on genre leader Football Manager, and will introduce a 3D match engine for the first time plus a host of improvements and updates across the board.

There's a fresh batch of screenshots in our Championship Manager 2010 gallery to look at.

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Championship Manager 2010


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