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Championship Manager for PSP Minis

Bite-sized adaptation out "very soon".

In case you hadn't heard, Beautiful Game Studios is working on a PSP Minis adaptation of Championship Manager.

The game's due out "very soon", according to brand manager Tim Hodges' post on the European PlayStation blog. He said to "stay tuned" to hear about a price.

Unsurprisingly, this PSP Minis incarnation of Championship Manager 2010 won't feature-match the full PC game. And it's not supposed to.

Hodges said the handheld game allows managers to tinker with squads, alter tactics, scout for new players and set training schedules. That was all he mentioned, although there's bound to be much more on offer.

Championship Manager's arrival on handheld comes as rival studio Sports Interactive reveals an iPhone version of Football Manager. Football Manager has tried PSP as a platform before.

Let's hope Square Enix, Dynamo and BGS find more success there.

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Championship Manager 2010


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