Championship Manager 2010

Championship Manager PC "on hold"

"The boxed PC game is on its way out."

The core PC Championship Manager series is "on hold", Beautiful Game Studios boss Roy Meredith has told Eurogamer. When it will come back, he "really, really couldn't say".

UK charts: Guitar Hero 5 beats Beatles

Plus: McRae sees off Batman.

Guitar Hero 5 has become the first in the leading music series to debut at the top of the UK all-formats chart, outselling colossal rival The Beatles: Rock Band to do so.

Championship Manager 2010

Championship Manager 2010

Penny for your thoughts.

Every year we ask ourselves the same question: will we finally witness a genuine two-horse race for the football management title? Historically, the answer has been a resounding no. But that changes this year, because in Championship Manager 2010 developer Beautiful Game Studios has created a game that has impressively rejuvenated the stuttering franchise. What's more, thanks to an array of new features and excellent refinements, CM2010 actually turns out to be a genuine and viable alternative to Sports Interactive's all-conquering Football Manager series.

Unlike its predecessor CM08, Championship Manager 2010 no longer feels like a poor man's Football Manager. This is a bold statement of intent by Beautiful Game Studios, and its willingness to take risks and try new things has resulted in a game chock-full of fresh ideas and interesting new approaches to tried-and-tested football management mainstays. While it may not quite be the finished article or have enough fire-power to knock FM off its perch, CM2010 does warrant your attention.

The game's most striking innovation is its sparkling 3D match engine, which not only ticks all the right boxes in terms of visual appeal but also proves to be monumentally more realistic than CM08's unconvincing, animated-bowling-pin-style action.

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Championship Manager 2010

Pre-season build-up.

With just days remaining before the big Premier League kick off, I've been given the opportunity to test the latest pre-release code of Championship Manager 2010 (formerly known as Championship Manager 2009). It's been almost two years since this traditionally annual series' last appearance - the hit and miss Championship Manager 2008 - but in a daring attempt to close the gap on Sports Interactive's all-dominant Football Manager franchise, developer Beautiful Game Studios has spent the last 20-odd months revamping CM with a number of high profile additions and innovations.

Championship Manager 2009

Send in the scouts.

So what do we already know about Championship Manager 2009? Well, we know that for the first time in the series' history the game will feature a 3D match engine sporting 450 unique player animations (350 for goalkeepers) and player tendencies such as Ronaldo stepping over the ball 116 times before pretending he's stepped on a landmine. What else? How about the fact that most parts of the game have either been revamped or redesigned, such as the tactics screen that now features rotating info buttons, or the ability to set separate formations for attacking and defensive phases of play? There's also an all-new newspaper feature capable of generating 500,000 unique stories with the ability to filter the information that's of interest to you while discarding the guff you couldn't give a toss about.