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EA/Spielberg LMNO project not dead

PS3/360 action adventure still afloat.

EA has denied that the Steven Spielberg action-adventure for PS3 and Xbox 360, codenamed LMNO, has been cancelled.

"The rumour is incorrect," the publisher told Kotaku. "EA remains deeply committed to its collaboration with Steven Spielberg and projects we are developing together.

"LMNO was a code name for a project in development at EALA. While the project continues to develop at EALA with Steven, we no longer refer to it as LMNO.

"We have no further details to reveal at this time," the rep added.

In a recent Edge interview, consultant game designer Jason Rohrer claimed LMNO had been "pretty much cancelled".

His comments follow a string of speculation around the title. This began late last year, when reports suggested "almost everyone" working on LMNO had been made redundant. EA denied the claims.

Spielberg signed with EA in 2005 to create a trio of games, from which two emerged: one codenamed PQRS, the other LMNO. PQRS turned out to be the excellent Wii puzzle game Boom Blox, which recently received an equally-brilliant sequel, Boom Blox: Bash Party.

Nothing more is known about LMNO.

Spielberg has, of late, been a Hollywood face synonymous with gaming. His on-stage appearance at E3 during Microsoft's revelation of Project Natal raised questions, such as what he might be using the technology to make, and who he might be making it for.