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Spielberg: films are looking like games

Calls them "digital introductory teasers".

Iconic Hollywood film maker Steven Spielberg believes movies are starting to take a leaf out of the videogame book.

Talking to Yahoo, he recalled his first time playing Pong, and the leaps and bounds our industry has taken since then.

"I think film-makers are learning things from videogames," said Spielberg. "Movies are starting to look more and more like videogames, like the digital introductory teasers videogames give you before they turn control over to the player.

"A lot of movies, like this movie with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy called Wanted. It had a lot of videogame savvy. The Bourne Ultimatum had a lot of videogame savvy in the quick cuts and the audacity of camera angle."

Spielberg helped create the acclaimed Boom Blox for EA, and is currently working on project "LMNO" for the publisher. This, said Spielberg, will be an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game focused on "movie-type story", although gameplay details are so far scarce.

As for the director himself, Spielberg admitted a fondness for Rock Band, in which he assumes the roll of drummer.

"One thing I can do is hit a drum. So that's what I do," he said, honestly.

There's no release date for LMNO, but the prevalence of chatter suggests we may hear more soon.