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EA dismisses Spielberg game rumours

LMNO project still very much underway.

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EA has told Eurogamer that rumours of a top secret Steven Spielberg project being cancelled are untrue.

According to Videogaming247, "almost everyone" working on the project - codenamed LMNO - has been made redundant.

This led to speculation the game had been canned. But an EA representative told Eurogamer, "Rumours that LMNO has been cancelled are false. LMNO is in development at EALA under the creative leadership of Doug Church, the creative director, and Lou Castle, the executive producer."

Steven Spielberg agreed to help create a trio of games for EA back in 2005. Of those, two emerged, one codenamed "LMNO" and another dubbed "PQRS". The latter turned out to be Boom Blox on Wii, which was very good thank you for asking. The former is known only to be an action adventure game in development for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Let's hope his directorial touch will work on LMNO, which makes quite an amusing acronym in our smutty head.

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LMNO (working title)

PS3, Xbox 360

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