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Spielberg pops into EA 'about once a week'

Taking collaboration seriously.

Steven Spielberg is spending between one and four hours a week working on the games he's committed to make with Electronic Arts, according to EA's Neil Young.

"Steven's in the studio about once a week, anywhere from 1 to 4 hours; he swings by and he's in the office by about 8:30 and usually leaves like 11:00 or midday," Young tells GameDaily.

"It's everything you'd hoped the relationship would be but were nervous to ask upfront. It's really wonderful spending time with him... he's incredibly creative and just has such a great sense of what entertains people."

Two of the three videogames Steven Spielberg has committed to work on with Electronic Arts are currently in development in Los Angeles under the production control of veterans Doug Church and Lou Castle.

The first, Church's title, sounds like typical Spielberg material - with Young describing it as "what you might expect", akin to Spielberg's other "intimate stories set against an Earth- or world-changing event". Young also confirms that Lou Castle's Spielberg title is being developed for Wii.

"It's a learning experience I think for us, and I hope it is for him too. He seems very excited."

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