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Sex scandal MP expenses football game?

He claims it was a memory stick.

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. The furore over the expenses of UK Members of Parliament has extended to encompass our noble hobby, with reports that one MP claimed for a PlayStation game.

According to a list of the stranger expense claims published by The Guardian, Nigel Griffiths, Labour MP for Edinburgh South and former deputy leader of the House of Commons, expensed "GBP 29.99 for a PlayStation computer game, Premiership Arsenal".

Griffiths disputes the report, however, telling The Sun that the Dixons receipt in question is misleading. "It's not a game, it's a branded memory stick," said the beleaguered MP. "I'm well past playing video games."

We certainly don't recall a game called Premiership Arsenal and can't find any reference to one, either, although it's possible the title refers to Codemasters' PS2 offering, Club Football: Arsenal 2005.

Either way, an ambiguous claim for electronic goods is the least of Griffiths' public relations concerns. In March this year, Sunday tabloid The News of the World caught the MP cheating on his wife in his Parliamentary office on Remembrance Day, and published photos of him cavorting with a woman helpfully identified as "a brunette".

Don't bother Googling, we can't find the pictures either.

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