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E3: Darksiders date revelation

Books an early January 2010 slot.

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THQ has given bible-based bash-'em-up Darksiders: Wrath of War a release date of 1st January 2010.

That's what a THQ E3 webcast said (according to GameSpot), even though that's not only a Thursday but also New Year's Day. A 2nd January launch might be more realistic but no less bizarre.

Our local THQ branch just confirmed the date, which was apparently given to investors. There's no further UK or European clarification.

Darksiders is a bit like God of War or Dante's Inferno or Devil May Cry, but based on the Book of Revelation instead. The apocalypse and battle of armageddon are the subject materials at hand - particularly The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, of which you play one.

He's called War and he carries a bloody great sword around to chop things up. His horse is called Ruin and he can upgrade abilities along the way.

It's up against tough competition, but Darksiders has a clearer path to success on Xbox 360, whose audience might want to keep an watchful eye out. PS3 fans can expect God of War III in March 2010, after all.

Head over to our hands-on impressions of Darksiders to find out why.

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