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Nintendo claims victory in May NPD

Microsoft also sees positives, Sony quiet.

Nintendo has said that the Wii has now sold over 20 million units in the US, while the DS has sold over 31 million across its various models.

The platform holder is also claiming the win in last month's NPD figures, released overnight, which show DS and Wii sold more hardware than anyone else while Wii games ate up the software top ten.

Wii sales were down annually by 57 per cent to just under 290,000, but the DS managed 633,500 (40 per cent up), thanks in no small part to the DSi, which launched in April and contributed 390,000 sales in May according to Nintendo (thanks Gamasutra).

Press conference fronter and sales-and-marketing exec Cammie Dunaway also took the opportunity to poke back in the ongoing motion controller media wars, noting: "For Nintendo, precision motion controls and social gaming are realities today." Get down with your bad self.

Elsewhere, Microsoft trumpeted a 22 per cent increase in Xbox 360 revenues across the spectrum of software, hardware and peripherals, and pointed out that its hardware sales only dipped by 6.2 per cent year on year, which is less than the others. 360 sold 175,000 units in both April and May 2009.

Sony doesn't appear to have responded to the NPD figures. It had two games in the software top ten (THQ's PS3 version of UFC 2009 at four and inFamous at five), while PS3 sold 131,000 units, PS2 117,000 and PSP 100,400.