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80-player WOW battleground detailed

It's got an airship!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Blizzard has revealed that the next new battleground for World of Warcraft, the Isle of Conquest, will support up to 80 players.

Up to 40 participants from each of the Horde and Alliance will war over a small island off the coast of the Northrend continent, attempting to storm the enemy's keep and slay their NPC general.

Like WOW's only other large-scale battleground, Alterac Valley, the Isle of Conquest will use a reinforcements system to limit the number of spawns each side can have.

Aside from the keeps, there are five capture locations in the battleground: the Oil Derrick and Cobalt Mine, which grant more reinforcements, the Siege Workshop, which gives access to a standard array of siege vehicles, the Docks, which furnish the capturing side with the new Glaive Thrower vehicle, and the Airship Hangar. The airship docked there provides one side with aerial bombardment as well as the ability to drop a strike team into the enemy keep via parachute.

Sounds big. The Isle of Conquest will arrive in the next major content patch for WOW, Call of the Crusade.

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