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Gearbox trademarks War Hero

Four titles in the bag, suggests franchise.

Gearbox Software has trademarked a quartet of titles based around the words War Hero, suggesting that the independent shooter developer has an umbrella franchise in its sights.

The titles (with links to the USPTO filings) are: War Hero, World War II Hero, Modern War Hero and - bringing Gearbox's existing WWII series into line - the awkward-sounding Brothers In Arms War Hero. Superannuation spotted the registrations.

The long shadow of Activision's world-conquering Call of Duty and Guitar Hero brands seems to be cast over these filings, but who knows what Gearbox has planned?

The Texas developer is currently working on original RPG/shooter hybrid Borderlands for 2K Games, and Aliens: Colonial Marines for SEGA, as well as one other unannounced project.