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New Sunshine Beachvolleyball pics

Very revealing.

Team 6 has released some new screenshots of PC title Sunshine Beachvolleyball. Watch out, Tecmo!

For those who, inexplicably, have never heard of Sunshine Beachvolleyball, Team 6 describes it thus: "In this arcade-style game you control one of the many attractive women to become the champion of beachvolleyball. You'll have to beat 32 other countries!

"You can also have lots of fun playing with and against your friends, the game supports up to four players."

Team 6, of course, is the studio behind classic titles such as Taxi3, Scooter War3z, Super Taxi 2007, Pizzadude, German Street Racing and French Street Racing. Along with Sunshine Beachvolleyball, forthcoming games include the excellent-looking Paris Chase.

A release date for Sunshine Beachvolleyball has yet to be announced.