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EVE Online embraces democracy

Player Council announced, elections in May.

EVE Online developer CCP has announced that the game is to become the first virtual world to be run by a democratically-elected governing body of players.

The Council of Stellar Management will be composed of nine representatives and five reserve members, who will be elected for six-month terms. The call for candidacy has already begun, with elections due to happen between the 5th and 19th of May.

The Council will govern the economy and society of EVE Online's world, and well as acting as a link between players and CCP. Elected representatives will also work with CCP on the future evolution of the game.

"EVE Online has evolved from an MMORPG to a virtual world with a virtual society. It is our role as its caretakers to evolve our approach as well, through economics research, political science or other aspects of operations or development," said CCP boss Hilmar Petursson.

"A democratic election process of representatives is one of mankind's greatest inventions. We are bringing a version of that to EVE now with hope of it allowing us to expand EVE Online in a similar way to what we've seen on Earth." Noble sentiments indeed.

The press release also notes that EVE Online's subscriber base is "nearing the quarter-million mark" and claims that this makes it the "second largest MMO in the US and Europe". Budding virtual politicians should note that the game recently launched on Steam.

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