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First Rock Band album this month

Judas Priest. Then The Cars and Pixies.

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Harmonix has said the first downloadable album for Rock Band will finally be available next week, after months and months of promises.

It is "Screaming for Vengeance" by Judas Priest, and the 10 tracks will cost USD 15 on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Individual songs will go for USD 2.

Following it in May will be the self-titled album by The Cars, and then "Doolittle" by The Pixies in June.

When quizzed over the delay, Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos said finding the masters and translating them from analog recordings was the problem, according to When you're sticking to a set list of songs it only takes one missing master to hold everything up, he explained. With weekly DLC packs of three, you can pick and choose which songs to include.

The Who was supposed to be the first band whose album would be offered, and Rigopulos said a separate announcement about this would be here "soon".

He went on to reveal that not all albums will be USD 15 because some have more songs in them - although a volume discount will be applied to lengthier listens.

Rigopulos was also unsure of how often fresh albums would be offered, and revealed there was no monthly schedule or anything of the kind set in place. He wants to do it "regularly", though, and reckons we will see the amount of content on offer grow in 2008.

Rock Band will be released Europe on 23rd May as a timed-exclusive for Xbox 360.

For all three instruments - drums, guitar, microphone - and the game you will need to fork out GBP 180, a price that has left a sour taste in many mouths.

Distributor EA has confirmed that all of the US downloadable content will be available here on 27th May.

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