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Eurogamer t-shirts now on sale

Shameless peddling now on site.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Good news for fans of Eurogamer and t-shirts - a new range of Eurogamer t-shirts is now on sale over at

Two of the designs feature the little green Eurogamers men. Then there's a black shirt bearing the legend 'BETTER THAN HALO', and another promoting 'M070R81K35'. They're available in sizes Extra Large to Olsen, and are priced at GBP 16. Yes, each.

"These are the best t-shirts I have ever seen, and they definitely make men more attractive," said Eurogamer deputy editor Ellie Gibson. "Why, just now I passed Tom in the corridor and thought he was Sawyer out of Lost."

"Can we have a staff discount?" added Rob.

The Eurogamer t-shirts are on sale now. All the proceeds will go towards buying more diamonds the size of fists.

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