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New GTA IV telly ad now showing

Xbox boss jumping up and down.

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A new TV advert for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV is now showing on

It's all part of a big old marketing campaign Microsoft is running, said to be on the same scale as the one they did for Halo 3. The new commercial will start appearing on tellies this weekend and you can expect to see lots of ads in the "lifestyle" press.

Xbox UK boss Steve McGill sounds so excited about the whole thing he might be sick, you know because of the graphics and Live and multiplayer and achievements and downloadable content and everything.

"Microsoft sees GTA IV as a fantastic title to showcase how great Xbox 360 is. What with its amazing graphics and gaming experience, coupled with playing with your friends on Xbox Live, achievements and of course the exclusive extra episodic content for GTA IV that will be downloadable this autumn and will only be available on Xbox 360," he said.

"As such you can expect a large awareness campaign from us, showcasing how great GTA IV on Xbox 360 is, and what great value the Xbox 360 console is too."

McGill went on, "Reviews of the game are now coming in and it’s getting a fantastic response, and the press are highlighting how massive the Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content will be and how easy and great it is to play multiplayer with friends over Xbox Live.

"We’re naturally very excited about GTA IV coming to Xbox 360, we know pre-orders are going fabulously well and we know consumers are extremely excited about all the great things the Xbox 360 version offers." Possibly not as excited as you, sir.

Grand Theft Auto IV is out on Xbox 360 on April 29th. And on PlayStation 3, though McGill didn't mention that.

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